Rosepark baseball incident

Updated Wednesday May 17, 2017 by Meagon Percival.

Please note this DID NOT happen at Granger, but that does not mean it can't happen. Please watch your kids and report suspicious activity ASAP.

A few nights this week we had a young lady at our park more at the play ground trying to lure kids to "her car" by offering free iPads and iPhones when she was approached by our board members and asked what was going on She said I just have a lot of free stuff to give away but didn't offer it to the adults... it happened a few times this week. She was there again last night and as soon as she saw board members she fled, they chased her around the park/soccer field and down the trail where she tried to hide between bushes and trees. She ended up being followed outside of the park where she met up with a man and then a car, she then headed towards Super saver but the man was stopped by a board member and some dads at McDonalds when confronted him said he didn't know her, the car also left abruptly when they saw board members. Another board member caught up with her at Super Saver when she stopped her she tried to say anything to get away. In the mean time there were several cars with multiple men involved driving by acting very suspicious. When the man was brought to Super Saver he claimed to then be her dad. The cops eventually came and detained them, they said it was a very suspicious incident. When we all got the the police department they acted like they didn't speak English. We just want to remind everyone to be vigilant, with all of the sex trafficking story's taking place on the internet you can never be too careful when it comes to our kids. I can't say for sure what exactly her intentions were but it scares us enough to chase her. We ask that when you are at the park to please be vigilant of your children and others around especially letting them play at the play ground. Please talk to your child about strangers and these tricky adults that may be around. If you would like to know what they look like please come talk to us that the snack shack. Also if you have any questions feel free to call, message etc
Thank you Andrea League Secretary